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About SolarHub 


Phil A. Bellante (Founder and Chief Advisor) is a leading renewable energy consultant.

He and his advisory team are able to achieve the best terms, price and fit for their customers by leveraging their multiple solar manufacturer and installer wholesale partner agreements (see some of those companies above). 

Phil and his team have vast experience in every aspect and component of the solar industry. You're always in good hands as every detail will be covered and all questions will be answered before your installation. 

When not helping customers improve their quality of life by switching to renewable energy, Phil enjoys quality time with his family, catch-and-release fly-fishing, gardening, writing music and playing his guitar. 

"Our mission is to do our part to reduce carbon footprint and make the world a cleaner and safer place for future generations". 


We Make Getting Solar Easy

Mobile Phone


Remotely or in person, we'll determine your needs and expectations as well as gather your annual power usage to complete an accurate assessment.


This is a critical stage to see what matters the most to you. That way we leverage all of our home solar product and partner relationships to best design your customized home solar system.



Once we've completed the discovery phase, we'll move onto providing and proposing a home solar system design according to your priorities.


We'll then email you the home solar design and home solar proposal and make further edits based on your feedback.


Once approved, we'll move onto the home solar delivery phase. 

Solar Panels on Roof


You've now approved your design and been qualified for your desired payment option (cash, loan, PPA or lease). We'll perform a quick on-site survey and then fast-track your plans for permit.

We'll then set up a convenient installation date and follow up inspection.   

Regardless of where you're at in the process, you'll always get status updates via email or text. 



We provide a fast and simple process to help you determine the feasibility of solar generated power with or without energy storage. If you'd like to get started, you can complete this form below, live chat with us via the icon on the bottom right of your screen or simply give us a call us at (858) 252-2385 for all Southern, CA estimates and 916.546.2383 for Northern, CA. 

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Solarhub News / Locations

On April 1, 2020 we decided to transition our operations 100% out of a commercial office space. The impetus for this was the stay-at-home order coupled with the cost savings that we can now pass along to our customers. We'll continue to leverage technology and automation as much as possible to make getting solar easy. 

We are currently serving all of the California market with a focus on SDG&E, SoCal Edison and PG&E power customers.  

For all Northern CA (PG&E) home solar inquiries and estimates please call 916.546.2383

For all Southern CA (SDG&E and SoCal Edison) home solar inquiries and estimates please call (858) 252-2385.

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