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SunRun Solar Tips and Secrets

SunRun Solar Tips and Secrets (Solar Tip Tuesdays) Hello neighbors, I live here in Discovery Hills and see a plethora of solar door knockers around on a daily basis. Most of them are resellers for SunRun (LGCY Power, Sunder, Apricot Sales Orgs).

I recently spoke with a homeowner who signed with one of them for the SunRun PPA (Lease) solar program. As a SunRun active dealer, I asked them for their agreement and asked why they chose the PPA rather than a no money down option loan which includes big tax savings and credits right now under the Inflation Reduction Act and is a much better choice 90% of the time.

They told me that they chose the PPA because it includes the maintenance. I asked them what maintenance was included. They didn’t know. The answer is there is no maintenance provided with the SunRun PPA. None. Nobody comes to clean your panels. No maintenance. Then I asked what rate they agreed to for the PPA lease. They told me X and it goes up 2.9% per year. I asked them if they knew there was an option for a lower price per kWh with NO INCREASE PER YEAR. Their answer was no. Why?

Because no solar sales rep is ever going to tell you they determine these things based on how much commission they will get paid. Here’s the secret: They have the flexibility to choose the kWh rate you pay and whether it never changes or goes up 2.9% per year. Guess which option pays them the most commission? Then they told me they may be selling their home so they didn’t want to buy the system but rather lease it. I asked why?

They said SunRun would come get the panels off the roof when they move. Incorrect. If the buyer does not agree to assume that lease, you are on the hook for the remainder of the 25 year power payments. Buyers prefer owned systems vs. leases or PPA’s especially if they include a 2.9% escalator or increase in payment every year.

I hope some of these tips help here. So many people are making very poor decisions when it comes to solar because they aren’t aware of the facts and don’t read the contracts. I see solar going up in my neighborhood right now and they are only installing on one roof plane that has trees in front of it. Not good. Also, last tip, never ever let SunRun install Jinko panels and SolarEdge inverters. Always, ask for Enphase Inverters and Hanwha panels if you choose to go with them.

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